Professional Drive & Patio Cleaning

We offer an extremely comprehensive pressure washing service used to clean a variety of hard surfaces. Our vehicle mounted system comes complete with boiler offering cold, hot and steam options when needed.

This most beneficial aspect of this capability is to ensure your property/premises looks great making an amazing first impression. It also creates a non-slip surface for the well- being of family, friends, staff and clients.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of work, coupled with our highly motivated uniformed team we are continuing to build good relations with both our residential & commercial clients. We have an on board tank of water holding 1000 litres and a high pressure hosereel reaching up to 80 metres allowing us to access almost any area. Our machine operates at 200 bar pressure and pumps 21 litres per minute giving us the capability to clean the most stubborn of surfaces.

Driveway / Patio Cleaning

Driveway before cleaning

No matter what surface or size your driveway or patio is, be it block paving, concrete, tarmac or slabs we can bring it back to look like it’s just been laid with the removal of dirt, algae, moss, weeds and stains. We firstly sweep away any loose debris and treat any stains and growth with our extremely effective cleaning agents. The area is then rotary cleaned with our flat surface cleaner with angled jets to ensure no damage to the sand base of the drive. The area is then washed clean carefully with a variable pressured lance leaving the driveway looking like it’s just been laid.

Driveway after cleaning

Following this cleaning process we allow the drive to dry thoroughly before re-sanding with kiln dried sand. This ensures the joints between the blocks are completely filled with sand preventing wear and stabilising the blocks for everyday use. We always ensure we clean all surrounding areas that may have been affected during this process. We also offer a sealing service to all types of driveways from block paving to stone for added protection after a clean.


Decking is notorious for becoming very slippery when wet and dirty. The variable pressure our lance offers, the hot water from our boiler and a suitable cleaning agent allows us to pressure wash the decking very carefully without causing damage leaving a clean deck to be enjoyed all year round.

After a clean the decking’s colour will be restored to as it was when laid, however we always recommend a fresh protective coat of oil is applied for protection.

Stone Cleaning

Many stone buildings have been around for years and without regular cleaning can become tired and filthy. Using a combination of pressure washing and softwashing, team Pure can bring a stone building, wall or floor back to its original glory. We can clean all types of stone and stone structures such as statues, head stones and monuments adapting our techniques as required for the project.

Patio Cleaning

Patio before cleaning Patio after cleaning

Patios are a great entertaining space for a family to enjoy but as we know they notoriously become dirty and slippery very quickly in the good old English weather. At Pure Cleaning Services we firstly manage the algae or lichen with an appropriate agent then a full rotary clean and detailing with a lance. We leave you with a fresh, clean and rejuvenated patio ready for enjoyable days in the garden.

We also offer a sealing service for the many different Patio surfaces for added protection and easier maintenance.

Graffiti and Paint Removal

Having paint on any exterior surface can begin to look tatty if left for long periods of time. It can also begin to damage the surface it is on if damp gets behind the paint. We use a suitable agent to assist in removing the paint or graffiti, coupled with our hot high pressure machine to gently wash it away and leave a nice natural surface again.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your pressure washing needs. If the service you require is not listed here please contact us for more information.