Roof Survey/Inspection Solutions

Introducing you to the high reach imagery service which is proving to be the most efficient and cost effective solution for all roof surveys/inspection and high reach assessments.

Roof camera

Why is this part of a cleaning business ?

Roof Inspection

The reason we offer this service and have invested heavily since its introduction in 2012 is simple, as an external cleaning specialist we constantly carry out high reach gutter clearance services using the state of the art gutter vacuum system, coupled with our Roofcam capability we provide our clients with a gold standard service. Not only do we provide before and after imagery of our work but we also provide feedback/imagery of any areas of concern/defects. Our commercial property management clients have benefitted greatly from our services which contribute heavily to their preventative planned maintenance.

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Need more enhanced roof inspection?

For more enhanced roof inspections, see our drone capability.


Our method for attaining the imagery we need to provide the ultimate service to our clients is by use of high reach poles & HD cameras, our current height capability is 60’ which is suffice for properties up to and including 5 storey.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail which is experienced through the easy viewing of the imagery, depending on the type of building we compile folders for each elevation. Perusal of these folders will generally be images from ridge down to gutter line working meticulously across the roof structure covering 360 of chimney stacks/back gutters

Advantages of using Ce Roofcam

The service we provide for all our clients is detailed and concentrated on all areas especially those of concern, our building knowledge and experience helps us digest information/schedules on email and deliver what our client needs to carry out the assessments with no doubt.

By using our methods we can guide our camera as close as needed for those intricate detailed images, coupled with our 4K/HD cameras these images are even better than actually being on the roof itself.

Roof Survey and Inspection

COSTS are always a big part of all property maintenance decisions, which is why the introduction of the Roofcam service has allowed us to keep the costs to a minimum making it the most cost effective solution yet most professional and informative.

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