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Pure Water Pump

Pure Cleaning Group ltd now offer one of the most advanced Pure Water Self Service fill stations and the only one of its kind in the Dover, Kent area

  • Users are issued unique ID login & App powered access to our PIUSI Fill Station Pedestal.
  • Self-service B-Smart PIUSI system is a fuel grade management system, therefore the most accurate monitoring of usage available on the market.
  • Fast Fill 80-90 Litres per minute Fill Rate.
  • Our filtration system includes softener removing calcium, 5 micron sediment filter, triple high performance reverse osmosis membranes and final stage de-ionising resin vessel.
  • Automated state of the art RO filtration production system which has a fill rate of 1000L per hour, therefore our 5000L holding tank will always stay topped up in readiness for client demand
  • 000 PPM of total dissolved solids (TDS) is maintained by our technical department and monitored at all times.

Benefits of using us ?

  1. Specialists in Pure Water Production
  2. State of the art PIUSI management system
  3. PIUSI App self-service access – Quick & Easy to use no fobs required.
  4. Opening hours 08:00-17:00 / 24hr access is available via gate code
  5. Fast Fill rate 80-90 litres per minute
  6. No contracts required.

Easy Setup

  1. Email us or contact us for a one to one personal introduction to the system
  2. Quick setup time
  3. Once you have been issued your personal ID for our PIUSI system you are ready to turn up and use at your convenience.
  4. For less frequent users or walk ins, fill slots can be booked. Minimum charge £10.00 + VAT.


    For registered clients who are frequential users, the PIUSI management software will calculate your monthly consumption and subsequently we will digitally invoice on a monthly arrangement unless requested otherwise.
  1. Non registered clients who will require less frequent use can contact us direct to arrange a fill time, invoices will be arranged accordingly


  1. Prices for frequential users 3.5 pence per litre + VAT
  2. One offs or non-frequent (Non Registered) users there is a minimum charge of £10.00 + VAT.
Pure Water Pump
Water Purifing System

Who Can We Help?

Cleaning Industry/Window Cleaners

Window cleaning or other applications of cleaning like metals and plastics can with the use of Pure water result in producing perfect results with no residue.

Aquatics/Fish Tank Owners

Don’t always assume that your tap water is better than the water in your aquarium. There are a number of parts of the country where nitrate and phosphate levels in tap water are incredibly high. Not dangerous to us, but you might find you are only adding to the levels of organics in your tank when you do a water change. If this is the case, then buying purified water is the best course of action.

Car Valeting

100% pure water to the vehicle. It consists of a reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralising resin that ensures 100% pure water. The nature of Pure water is to try to return to its natural state by actively retaining any dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. During the rinsing process no detergents or chemicals are used, the process is environmentally friendly, therefore no soapy residues or smears that attract fresh dirt back on to the vehicle. In fact, your car can stay cleaner for longer.

Dental Surgeries

Another method for purifying your water is Reverse Osmosis (RO). This is a highly efficient way of purifying water, on demand, which is becoming an increasingly popular solution for UK dentists

Electronic Manufacturers

High-purity water is required to prevent contamination of products during manufacture, since contamination can lead to an unacceptable, low yield of electronic devices. While most people would assume that water stays far away from electronic manufacturing, we understand that this resource can play a key role when cleaning PCBs, cooling machines, and operating your facility.

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